Aparna RMC

Aparna ready mix concrete


Fill it, carry it, cast it!
Portable concrete in a bag for those difficult spaces.

Easy-to-work-with and ready-to-use

Aparna RMC plants can supply concrete in bags for applications that have on-site limitations such as narrow entry ways in densely populated areas, or enough space to park a concrete pump is a challenge or where it's all about just filling in a small crevice.


RMC for Column Casting
RMC for sunken slabs
Bag concrete for filling potholes


Aparna RMC is a part of Aparna Enterprises Limited, which initially started as a business in ceramic tile distribution, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures. Aparna RMC is known for consistent quality and timely delivery with a strong, customizable, versatile, and durable texture. Aparna RMC operates around 27 plants in different locations with a well-trained and skilled workforce, innovative processes, and a modern new-generation feet.

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