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Ready Mix Concrete that Complements Your Vision, Your Way

Aparna RMC is renowned for delivering high-quality ready-mix concrete following diverse industry standards. Ensuring timely delivery and reliable service at every pour, Aparna RMC supplies ready-mix concrete that is strong, versatile, customisable and has durable texture.

Your trusted partner in delivering high-quality
Ready-mix concrete, across diverse project needs.

From foundations to finishing touches, Aparna RMC offers high-performance ready-mix concrete solutions, catering to various industries. Trust Aparna RMC for unmatched concrete mixes at every pour.

Customizable ready-mix concrete mixes for your custom needs

Addressing everything from challenging structural strength to aesthetic appeal, efficiency and more, Aparna RMC is your trusted partner for tailored concrete solutions in all your construction endeavors.

Speciality Ready Mix Concretes

Aparna RMC has a comprehensive range of 9 specialty ready mix concrete solutions, catering to diverse construction needs.

High grade Concrete
High grade Concrete

High grade Ready mix Concrete increases durability, floor space and reduces carbon emissions from concrete surface making it economically beneficial for builders as well.

Slab concrete
Slab Concrete for IHB (Industrial Heavy-Duty Flooring)

Slab concrete for IHB enhances concrete properties compared to conventional concrete. It can be used for all types of slabs, basement and floor applications.

SSC Concrete
Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)

Self-Compacting Ready Mix Concrete attains smooth surface finish while fulfilling the required quality propertiesproperties for complex structural designs and Mivan form form work applications.R

SDC concrete
Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC)

Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC) is an innovative construction material that offers exceptional self-consolidating properties. It enables efficient construction even in congested areas. Its rapid curing speeds up construction, reduces noise, and lowers labor and equipment requirements, resulting in a smooth surface finish while maintaining essential quality characteristics.

high volume fly sash GGBS concrete
Green Concrete

High Volume Fly Ash/GGBS Ready Mix Concrete increases resistance to Chloride and Sulphate attacks and makes concrete structure as impermeable. It is eco-friendly and compliance with IGBC.

Colour concrete
Colour Concrete

Colour Concrete provides an attractive look whilst maintaining concrete properties. It increases durability compared to conventional flooring system

Stamp concrete
Stamp Concrete

Stamp Concrete is a design type concrete, available in different surface textures with different color shades as per choice. It is mainly used for non-structural application, from path ways, drive ways to floor surfaces)

Light weight concrete
Light weight Concrete

Light weight Ready Mix Concrete reduces heat absorption and provides fire protection. It is acts a s a perfect heat insulation for roof slabs.

Bag concrete
Bag Concrete

Bag Concrete is easy to work with and matches with the required properties. It is ideal for small concreting jobs like column starters, small columns, potholes fillings and more.

Bag concrete
PP Fiber Reinforced Concrete - Elasticrete

PP Fiber fiber-reinforced concrete is a specially engineered concrete blend designed to enhance structural integrity and longevity.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete - Ducticrete

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a high-performance concrete blend engineered to deliver superior strength and durability, particularly in demanding industrial environments.

Temperature Control Concrete - Tempcrete

Temperature Control Concrete is a specialised concrete formulation engineered to regulate the heat of hydration process and maintain optimal workability retention.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Banner one
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC):

GFRC is a versatile and advanced building material that combines high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fibers with a concrete matrix. This unique composite offers significant advantages over traditional concrete, making it a popular choice for architects, builders, and designers.


1. How are different strengths of Ready mix concrete produced?

Different strengths of Ready Mix concrete are achieved by adjusting the mix proportions, including the water-cement ratio and type of materials used.

2. How does Ready Mix concrete harden?

Ready Mix Concrete hardens through a chemical reaction called hydration, where water reacts with cement particles to form a solid structure.

3. What is 28 day strength?

28-day strength is the concrete’s compressive strength measured after 28 days of curing, which is a standard test to assess its maturity.

4. What is MPA?

MPA (Megapascal) is the unit of measurement for concrete strength, representing the force required to break a concrete specimen; higher MPA values indicate stronger concrete.

5. What is self-consolidating concrete (SCC)?

SCC is a highly flowable type of concrete that can fill complex forms without the need for vibration, making it useful in certain construction applications

6. What is the purpose of adding admixtures to ready mix concrete?

Admixtures are added to modify ready mix concrete properties, such as setting time, workability, and durability.