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Cold Weather Considerations

Why can cold weather be a problem for concrete projects?
  • Concrete needs to set and cure at a suitable internal temperature to achieve its maximum material properties. As the temperature approaches 0°C, hydration slows and stops. While the hydration process does generate some heat by itself, it is not enough to permit proper curing when the ambient temperature approaches freezing.  
  • In the northern part of India, winters are too cold to enable concrete production using standard methods for a period of 2 months. Winter Services allow us to produce concrete that meets all properties and can be successfully placed and cured in ambient temperatures. As a result, we can produce and deliver concrete year-round and in almost all climatic conditions.
What special provisions are needed at the jobsite for cold weather concreting?
  • Cold weather concreting requires extra provisions at the pour site. Freshly poured concrete needs to be kept at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C during its initial curing period to achieve maximum strength. During cold weather conditions, the contractor will commonly need to install hoarding and heating around the formwork to protect the concrete while it cures.