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Temperature Control Concrete - Tempcrete

Temperature Control Concrete is a specialised concrete formulation engineered to regulate the heat of hydration process and maintain optimal workability retention. This innovative concrete blend minimises thermal cracking and reduces plastic shrinkage cracks, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of concretes, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Ideal for mass concreting applications and structures requiring radiation resistance, such as raft foundations and skyscrapers, Temperature Control Concrete offers reliable performance and durability in challenging environments. Whether used in high-rise construction or infrastructure projects, this advanced concrete solution provides peace of mind and ensures the long-term stability and performance of concretes, even under the most demanding conditions.

Controlled setting and stiffening

Aparna RMC supplies temperature control concrete which helps in controlling heat of hydration process, setting and stiffening of concrete.


temperature control concrete for raft foundations
temperature control concrete
temperature control concrete for bridge foundations


Aparna RMC is a part of Aparna Enterprises Limited, which initially started as a business in ceramic tile distribution, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures. Aparna RMC is known for consistent quality and timely delivery with a strong, customizable, versatile, and durable texture. Aparna RMC operates around 27 plants in different locations with a well-trained and skilled workforce, innovative processes, and a modern new-generation feet.

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