Aparna RMC

Aparna ready mix concrete

Ready-mixed concrete for Domestic over sites/floors and bases

Do I need to take any precautions to protect Readymix concrete when laid?
  • Yes, the concrete must be properly cured by covering with plastic sheeting or kept damp for at least three days; otherwise the durability will be impaired. Additionally, protect the concrete from rain and frost after placing as this will damage the finished surface. 
How soon after placing the concrete can I lay a screed?
  • Practically, as soon as the concrete is hard enough to be worked on. This is normally the following day.
How do I finish the surface?

This depends on the application: 

Direct finish house/garage floors – steel or wood float

Workshops/greenhouses – wood float 

Substrate to screed – tamp finish

How long will RMC Certified Mix floor screed concrete last?
  • This product has been designed to IS Code ….. and QCI requirements. Provided the concrete is properly placed, is given the appropriate finish and is correctly cured, it will give many years of maintenance-free service.
How deep should I lay RMC Certified Mix floor screed?

As a guide, the typical slab thickness on a well compacted sub-base should be:

Domestic use – minimum 100mm 

Light commercial – minimum 125mm 

Moderate commercial/vehicles – minimum 150mm

How soon after placing can the floor be used?
  • Normally the floor can be carefully used after seven days subject to normal air temperatures and providing that it has been correctly cured.
Are there any additional advantages?
  • Yes, incorporating fibers into the mix helps to reduce early-age shrinkage cracking. It also improves the surface strength and should extend the floor’s service life. If this is something you need please let us know when placing the order or requesting a quotation.