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PP Fiber Reinforced Concrete - Elasticrete

PP Fiber fiber-reinforced concrete is a specially engineered concrete blend designed to enhance structural integrity and longevity. Its unique composition, incorporating Poly Propylene Fiber, offers numerous benefits that contribute to the durability and performance of concretes. By minimising shrinkage cracks formation and providing resistance to dampness, PP Fiber Concrete ensures superior quality and longevity.

It promotes the cohesiveness of the concrete mix, further enhancing its durability and resistance to cracks. Ideal for various applications, including terrace slabs of high-rise buildings, PP Fiber Concrete offers a versatile solution that can be utilised in any type of concrete, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Reduced cracks and dampness

Aparna RMC supplier Fiber reinforced concrete made with hydraulic cements and discrete reinforcing fibers. Fiber reinforced concrete reduces the chances of forming cracks and dampness and is suitable for use in any structure.


fiber reinforced concrete for all structures
fiber reinforced concrete for terrace slabs
fiber reinforced concrete for tunnels


Aparna RMC is a part of Aparna Enterprises Limited, which initially started as a business in ceramic tile distribution, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures. Aparna RMC is known for consistent quality and timely delivery with a strong, customizable, versatile, and durable texture. Aparna RMC operates around 27 plants in different locations with a well-trained and skilled workforce, innovative processes, and a modern new-generation feet.

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