Aparna RMC

Aparna ready mix concrete


Slab Concrete for IHB conventional applications, delivered by Aparna RMC in any quantity.

Economical and conventional.

Conventional concrete of M-35 grade, pre-mixed using precise proportions and delivered just-in-time reducing the hassle of negotiating, procuring raw materials, reduces onsite labour costs, saves space and guarantees high quality. Ideal for villas, industrial and commercial projects.


concrete shafts for slab concrete
aparna rmc for non structural construction
Aparna ready mix concrete for long concrete bridges


Aparna RMC is a part of Aparna Enterprises Limited, which initially started as a business in ceramic tile distribution, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures. Aparna RMC is known for consistent quality and timely delivery with a strong, customizable, versatile, and durable texture. Aparna RMC operates around 27 plants in different locations with a well-trained and skilled workforce, innovative processes, and a modern new-generation feet.

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