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From towering skyscrapers to the sidewalks we walk on, concrete is visible, silently supporting our modern way of life. Its significance is not just in what it builds but in how it transforms visions into reality. 

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of using Ready-Mix Concrete over on-site mixing. 

 1. Accurate Mixing

With on-site mixing, you have to rely on labor to have the concrete mixed, and it is difficult to keep track of whether or not it is being done in the right proportions. In addition, the ratio of mixing sand, gravel, and cement may or may not be precise each time, as it is done manually.   

Since Ready-mix concrete is produced in controlled environments where temperature, water, and mixing times are meticulously monitored, there is accuracy in proportioning ingredients, resulting in durable construction. 

2. More predictability

One of the major hindrances faced during construction is the lack of predictability in the availability of a workforce, bringing mixing material to the site, weather conditions, and difficulties faced while mixing on site. 

Ready-mix concrete, on the other hand, is directly transported to the site in dedicated mixing trucks, ready for immediate use. The timely delivery of ready mix concrete makes it predictable and certain in the process of construction, reducing the wastage of resources such as labor, time, and money invested.

3. Cost Effectiveness

On-site mixing involves higher  labor costs, the purchase and rental of cement mixers, transportation and material handling costs, storage & inventory, and additionally cleaning the site. Ready-mix concrete’s advanced machinery and efficient equipment usage reduces the need for costly on-site mixing equipment and maintenance. 

As the mixed concrete is directly delivered to the site, it reduces labor, time, and unnecessary mess at the site. And since the required amount of concrete is calculated and precise batching takes place, there is reduced waste of concrete. 

4. Reduced Labor Requirements:

On-site mixing heavily relies on skilled labor to measure, mix, and control the quality of concrete. Ready-mix concrete arrives at the construction site in a ready-to-use state, eliminating labor-intensive tasks associated with concrete preparation and quality assurance. With RMC you can focus on efficient and timely placement of the concrete rather than worrying about the concrete mix and construction quality. 

By choosing RMC, you can rely on our technical support and expertise, further enhancing the reliability and performance of the concrete mix while minimizing the reliance on in-house skilled labor for these critical tasks.

5. Safety:

Safety is a major concern during the construction process, and Ready-Mix concrete plays an important role in improving workplace safety compared to on-site mixing. RMC significantly reduces the exposure of construction workers to potential hazards associated with concrete preparation. 

On-site mixing often involves the handling of raw materials like cement, sand, and aggregates, which can lead to dust exposure, contact with potentially hazardous chemicals, and physically demanding labor. RMC, in contrast, arrives at the construction site ready for use, effectively minimizing workers’ exposure to these risks and promoting a safer work environment.

6. Sustainability

In the construction industry, Ready-Mix Concrete emerges as a frontrunner not only for its unmatched strength and durability but also for its significant positive impact on the environment. Ready-Mix Concrete incorporates recycled materials such as fly ash, slag, and recycled aggregates into its concrete mixes. This practice minimizes waste, contributes to the conservation of natural resources, and reduces the environmental footprint associated with concrete production.

Ready mix concrete offers a responsible choice that aligns with the growing awareness of environmental sustainability in the construction industry.

7. Clean Site, Lesser Hassles

Off-site preparation of Ready-Mix Concrete offers significant advantages in terms of cleanliness and waste reduction. RMC arrives at the construction site ready for use, eliminating the need for on-site mixing. 

This streamlined approach minimizes messy work conditions, such as spills and material residues, ensuring a cleaner and more organized construction, unlike on-site mixing. As a result, safety is enhanced, and productivity is improved since cleaning is faster.

Aparna RMC

Aparna RMC is known for consistent quality and timely delivery with a strong, customizable, versatile, and durable texture. Operating 27 plants in different locations with a well-trained and skilled workforce and innovative processes, Aparna RMC stands as a construction leader in India.

Aparna RMC’s commitment to precision batching and rigorous quality control processes sets it apart in the industry. Advanced technology and stringent quality measures ensure that every batch of ready-mix concrete adheres to the highest standards. 

Aparna RMC stands as a trusted partner, embodying qualities of quality, precision, and reliability, and continues to play a pivotal role in shaping India’s construction landscape.

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