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Concrete is invaluable in the construction of bridges and key infrastructure, including roads, skyscrapers, and robust highways we drive on every day. The inherent durability and reliability of the structure it creates make it fit for use for decades to come.

Among infrastructure construction materials that need to be versatile, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable, ready-mix concrete stands out as the most practical and reliable choice for concrete solutions. Its simplicity is its strength, offering a pre-mixed blend of cement, water, and aggregates that eliminates the uncertainties of on-site mixing. The precision in its composition provides consistent quality, and the flexibility in its design makes it a highly dependable option for builders and engineers alike.

Discussed below are the key benefits of using a ready mix concrete for your infrastructure construction projects and why it would be the best choice for you:

1. Reduced construction time and cost

Concrete plays a major role in the overall budget and time in construction projects, particularly infrastructure projects, accounting for 30% – 50% of the total cost. In the fast-paced construction world, time and budget savings are crucial, and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) helps  in achieving both. Traditional on-site concrete mixing involves multiple steps and uncertainties, leading to potential delays and increased costs.

RMC revolutionises the process by pre-mixing concrete off-site and delivering it precisely when needed timely. This approach can save up to 50% on labour costs and reduce project duration by 15%, according to a study by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association of the United States.

These benefits will be more substantial in large-scale projects, such as infrastructure projects, where RMC accelerates various construction phases, leading to earlier completion, reduced costs, and faster occupancy.

2. Consistency and Quality

When it comes to infrastructure constructions such as bridges, highways, and skyscrapers, consistency and quality are paramount. It is crucial that they’re sturdy, reliable, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC)  delivers concrete with superior and consistent strength, longevity and long-lasting reliability.

Unlike traditional on-site mixing, RMC is produced in controlled batching plants under stringent quality control measures. Precise proportions of cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures are meticulously measured and blended using advanced technology. This ensures flawless consistency and high quality in every batch and avoids any human error and material variations that can be made on-site mixing.

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) emphasises that the key to achieving strong, durable concrete rests on the careful proportioning and mixing of the ingredients, and a properly proportioned concrete mixture will possess the desired durability and strength for the hardened concrete. This can be only achieved perfectly with Ready Mix Concrete.

3. Labour Efficiency and Safety

Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) significantly boosts labour efficiency in large-scale infrastructure projects. By simplifying the mixing process and delivering concrete directly to the site, RMC cuts out the need for on-site mixing, saving time and effort for construction workers.

According to a research report on preprints.org, RMC adoption in infrastructure projects can improve efficiency and reduce construction time. Additionally, a study by Straits Research highlights that RMC is a promising material for the construction and transportation sectors, offering efficiency and durability.

Moreover, RMC minimises the need for manual handling of heavy materials like cement and aggregates, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and enhancing overall safety on the construction site.

4. Reduced Material Waste

Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) is the most sustainable option for large-scale infrastructure projects. Compared to on-site mixing which often leads to overestimating materials and creating massive spillovers, RMC is precise and efficient. It’s made in advanced plants with computer-aided designs, cutting the risk of wastage by up to 10% (source: NRMCA, 2023). When RMC arrives at the construction site, it does so in trucks with precise pumping systems, cutting down spills and reducing waste by about 5% (source: ERMCA, 2021). Plus, there are no leftover concrete issues since RMC delivers exactly what’s needed.

Unlike on-site mixing methods, RMC can reduce transportation emissions by requiring fewer truck trips. It also enables builders to minimise wastage and use resources wisely, being more environmentally friendly in infrastructure construction.

5. On-time Delivery of Ready to Use Concrete

For an infrastructure project wherein any delay can ripple through budgets, schedules, and reputations of the builder,  it is indispensable to get the resources and materials on time to finish the project on the proposed date. RMC allows the builders to finish the project on time due to the timely delivery of ready-mix as per specific requirements. The process of making RMC includes the latest technology which accelerates the overall process and allows the project to finish on time.

Furthermore, the on-time delivery of RMC enhances overall project management. It allows for better coordination of construction activities and is a tangible benefit that directly influences project timelines, labour efficiency, and project productivity.

Why Choose Aparna RMC for Infrastructure Projects?

Aparna RMC is a fast-growing ready-mix concrete supplier in the country with a proven track record of being associated with some of South India’s largest infrastructure projects, contributing to them through the supply of its high-quality concrete solutions.

Aparna RMC brings in the innovation and scope needed to match the grand vision of these infrastructure projects, such as roads, highways, airports, metro projects, bridges and more. From providing need-based customised grades and the required volumes according to the timelines, Aparna RMC is the partner of choice to accomplish landmark projects while saving significant time and costs.